Introducing… MARIGOLD and BETTY!

Twin sisters who are identical in every single way!

Texas Holly and Felicity Hesed have been delighting Bay Area audiences as a clown duo for over 10 years. Texas and Felicity both graduated from the renowned Clown Conservatory program. They discovered a natural clown partnership and perform as twin sisters. Drawing from their backgrounds in dance and theater, Texas and Felicity incorporate circus, magic, and storytelling into their work. They surprise and amuse audiences by taking traditional acts and turning them on their head. Audiences are charmed by their authentic interactions with this comedy duo. Texas and Felicity have become Bay Area icons. They have performed at a wide variety of events, from street festivals to cabaret shows. Texas and Felicity tailor their work to entertain an eclectic range of people from elite audiences at The Battery to children at elementary schools.



  • TwinCycle - Marigold and Betty take athletic fitness to the next level…on a stationary bike! Parodying traditional circus bike acts, this act incorporates acrobatics, slapstick, and stunning visuals.

  • The Psychic - This classic mind-reading act is purely ridiculous! This interactive act will guarantee giggles.

  • Half a Man - This act is not for the faint of heart! Marigold and Betty will attempt to cut a man in half and put him back together again. Collateral damage is part of the game! For adult audiences only.

  • Burlesque - Marigold and Betty each have comedy burlesque acts for more risqué events.

  • Emcee - Marigold and Betty are fabulous show hosts. Sassy, sexy, and silly, these sisters will spice up any show.

  • Walk Around - Marigold and Betty will keep your event interesting with walk around entertainment.

  • School Assemblies - Both circus educators, Felicity and Texas offer school assemblies that incorporate performance, experiential activities, and education about circus.

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