1st Rehearsal

Rehearsals have officially begun for my new solo show - Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto. I will be premiering this show at the end of May for the San Francisco International Arts Festival.

I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to be working with Director Jeff Raz. Jeff was the Director of the Clown Conservatory when I attended way back in 2007-08. He has an incredible resume as a performer, director, and writer. I have had the opportunity to work with him in a variety of ways over the last 10 years, including performing alongside one another and co-directing. He has always been a mentor to me. I deeply value the breadth and depth of his knowledge of theater, clowning, the world, human nature, and show business. And for the cherry on top - I also just really enjoy working with Jeff.

In our first rehearsal, I was able to show him in action an approximation of what’s been dancing around in my brain for months. Jeff asked questions that brought me closer to my artistic vision, gave me exercises to discover additional funny bits, opened my eyes to other ways to present my material, and helped identify a sensible structure in the chaos. I LOVE working with great directors!

Want to know more about the life of clowns? Keep reading my posts, come see my show, and read Jeff’s books. He has two novels - The Secret Life of Clowns and The Snow Clown. If you are in the Bay Area, you can hear Jeff speak at the Commonwealth Club on March 5. Believe me, this won’t be your ordinary book reading!

Felicity Hesed