Hone, hone, hone

I’m in Seattle performing at Moisture Festival. It’s a month long variety festival that I’ve heard about for years. I’m so happy to finally be a part of the fun! I’ve been performing my comedy trapeze act all weekend. It’s great to be at a place with this act where I am just refining the details. Every time I perform it, I learn something new. When I performed in China, I couldn’t rely on words so I got really specific with the physicality and I learned a lot about how to make the set up off the act work non-verbally. Here at Moisture Festival, the audiences are super responsive! I’m trying to balance listening and responding to the audience in real time while maintaining the energy and timing of the jokes and tricks. Every new space has unexpected challenges, whether it’s the lights or rigging or both! It’s interesting to maintain the technique and comedy in every new setting. Here at Moisture Festival, I have the honor of performing with a live band - Doc Sprinsock and the SANCApators. It’s so much fun! Here’s a little clip from Friday night’s show.

Felicity Hesed