Check out my interview in SF Arts Monthly

April was my month of interviews! In addition to my interview with C.J. Hirschfield about “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” I did an interview with Jean Schiffman, feature writer at SF Arts Monthly. She is extremely knowledgeable about clowning, circus, and theater so we had a fabulous conversation. Ms.Schiffman wrote a great article about some of the pieces in the upcoming SF International Arts Festival, and she included my show Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto. Follow this link to go to the full article or read the excerpt about Cara Vita below. And…I will have a video interview to share soon…stay tuned!

Excerpt from SF Arts Monthly, by Jean Schiffman:

“On the comical end of the festival spectrum is local actor/clown/aerialist Felicity Hesed’s “Cara Vita: A Clown Concerto,” a world premiere. Initially a clown act in which two people fall in love, Hesed developed it into a quasi-solo piece in which she chooses an audience volunteer as the object of her desire and ends up encapsulating the ups and downs of love, loss and more in mere minutes, she says. She started out storyboarding, thinking, writing, and then teamed up with clown/playwright/director Jeff Raz to get the show on its feet. It’s a bit risky working with audience volunteers, she concedes. But as in a real-life marriage or relationship, “You just have to go there with the person you’ve chosen.”

“I don’t wear a red nose or dress super-silly,” she adds, “but going through part of a life in 20 minutes is something only a clown could do—going to the fullest regions of the emotional life of a person. In the clown world, a doll can be a baby. It involves leaps of the imagination, the use of metaphors.” It also involves circus skills like juggling, acrobatics and stage magic; for the soundtrack, Hesed plays the violin.

The title has a double meaning: cara vita, or “dear life” in Italian, could refer to this precious life of ours, but also to hanging on for dear life—“struggling to be a parent and an artist and just being an adult.””

Felicity Hesed